Stephanie Centeno is the creative mind behind Fern Cottage Florals, an imaginative floral design studio focused on creating inventive, garden-inspired floral arrangements in Redlands, California. Stephanie’s artistically-inclined background in marketing and editorials has shaped her eye for design, but it was through the design of her own home that she discovered her penchant for creating beautiful things using nature’s bountiful supply of inspiration and beauty.

While renovating her very own home in Redlands, affectionately dubbed “Fern Cottage,” she developed an affinity for florals as she designed a home that was colorful, comfortable and inviting. The formerly barren backyard, now filled with flowers and fruits, helped nurture her love of nature and design as she personally selected every plant. The gardens serve as the perfect backdrop to fulfill her personal desire to bring family and friends together to celebrate life’s special moments. 

Fern Cottage Florals uses eco-friendly floral mechanics to showcase the beauty of nature through artful arrangements. We believe that the more you invite nature into your life, the sweeter life becomes.